Friday, November 25, 2011

The First Day of Reality

           I have thought about blogging before but I have always hesitated. I have been hesitant because it feels a little self promoting to do this but maybe my experiences will help someone else.  I have been in this world for 32 years and in that time I have experienced many different life events. Until this year the worse life experience for me was being an abusive marriage and then divorcing the one man that I thought was true love. This year was the first time that the death of a loved one impacted my ability to function and it is also the first time I realized how very precious this life is. The life we live is short but in this time we can influence and impact the lives of others. I know that 32 is young and I for one do not even feel old. I see things a little bit more than I did when I was 20 but I am still young by comparison.
             This is the blogg about a journey, my journey and how I am transversing through the different events in my life. The writings will contain the thoughts surrounding the events that I have either experienced or presently experiencing. Sometimes the writings will just be musings that are spawned by an event I saw or a statement by someone that I heard. Today is the First Day of Reality because it is the first day of this blog and I thought it would be an interesting title.

                What does reality stand for? Does it stand for the things in life that we can physically touch and experience? Or is reality that which contains everything from thoughts and feelings (those things we can not touch physically) to everything that is experienced by our five senses? For me it is everything that is present in the physical world to that which is only in our minds eye. Reality is experiencing life to fullest and realizing this is the first day of reality.
                 I will leave you for now but think of what reality is for you.